We believe that now is a critical moment, that is, the comprehensive electrification of electric vehicles and transportation is a very important moment. Revolutionary changes have taken place, especially driven by environmental protection policies. The energy foundation focuses on the research of transportation projects, especially electric vehicles. The research and promotion of electric vehicles is a key point of our energy foundation’s transportation projects. In fact, the reason here is very simple. We have a basic starting point, which is to ensure that China achieves the objectives of the Paris Agreement, Ensure that China can approach zero emissions by 2050. Now the commitment of the Paris Agreement is that by 2030, we expect to reach the peak emission before and after 2025, but whether our emission curve can decline rapidly after the peak depends on these most important factors, namely traffic emission and traffic energy consumption. Therefore, we appeal and express our support. In the field of electric vehicles, we will continue to work together with you.

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