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With the gradual listing of electric vehicles, Henan electric vehicle charging pile is also under construction. This article mainly wants to take you to know some requirements for its construction.



As the electric vehicle charging pile (plug) on the applicable electric side of the power network, its unique structure determines that the characteristics of the automatic technology communication system are many measured points, decentralized, wide range and short communication spacing. Moreover, with the development trend of big cities, the network topology stipulates a structure with coordination ability and expansibility. Therefore, the electric vehicle charging pile (2) the selection of communication mode shall take into account the following difficulties:


(1) Credibility of communication – the communication system shall withstand the influence of extreme natural environment and strong electromagnetic radiation or noise for a long time, and maintain smooth communication.


(2) Capital construction cost – on the premise of considering credibility, comprehensively consider the capital construction cost and long-term application and maintenance cost.



(3) Two way communication – it can not only maintain the submission of data volume, but also maintain the distribution of manipulation volume.


(4) Data and information transmission speed of multiple business processes – with the continuous improvement of the freight volume of terminal equipment, the intermediate communication from domain name to sub station and from sub station to terminal equipment has higher and higher requirements for maintaining the data and information transmission speed of multiple business processes.


(5) Coordination ability and expansibility of communication – because the automobile charging pile (plug) has the characteristics of many datum points, wide range and decentralization, it is specified to select a standard communication protocol, accompanied by “allip” The development trend of Internet technology and the continuous improvement of power engineering business process must take into account the business process load-bearing according to IP. In addition, it is stipulated to be conducive to the construction, regulation, operation and maintenance of installation works.

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