Charging stations may be familiar to everyone, because they are often seen, such as electric vehicle charging piles, electric vehicle charging piles and new energy vehicle charging piles, which can be seen everywhere, but what problems should be paid attention to in the later use of charging piles? Today, the Xiaobian of Henan electric vehicle charging station will share with you, It is also to make it more convenient for everyone in the later use process, better maintenance and avoid doing something harmful to the charging pile.




When using the electric charging pile, we must first pay attention to whether there are flammable and explosive dangerous articles around the electric vehicle charging pile before charging. If there are any, we must dispose of them in time, or transfer the location of the electric vehicle charging pile to ensure the safety of the electric vehicle charging pile. During charging, pay attention to whether the charging interface is intact. If there are bad places, they must not be ignored and replaced in time to prevent leakage.




Due to the rapid development of circuit technology of Henan electric vehicle charging station, its advantages are mainly analyzed as follows:


1. Under the guarantee of voltage mode and current mode double loop, the power supply of charging pile will be more reliable.


2. The protection circuit is complete, and each unit circuit is protected step by step to make the charging pile work more reliable.


3. The creative circuit layout and framework reduce the self radiation, control the interference of the equipment to the locomotive, and maintain the stable work efficiency of the equipment and itself.


4. Because the charging pile circuit works in the on-off mode, its conversion efficiency is high, and the efficiency is more than 90% during the whole working period, which does not affect the original working mode of locomotive DC generator and other locomotive equipment.


5. Mature pressure control technology to ensure smooth transition.




Mastering skills is very important for everything, and the same is true for the use of charging piles. If you don’t know anything about the use of charging piles or want to continue to understand the of charging piles, or you can call our company. Our company has also specialized in the charging pile industry for many years and has rich experience. Welcome friends in need to visit our factory.

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